BYD sells well at Colombia Auto Expo 2023.

Recently, Salón del Automóvil 2023, the automobile exhibition in Bogota, capital of Colombia, was grandly opened. BYD and MOTORYSA, a Colombia dealer, presented 8 new energy models, allowing users to experience the charm of green technology at close range. During the exhibition, BYD received orders for more than 500 units.

Marco Pastrana, general manager of MOTORYSA, said: "BYD is the global leader in new energy vehicles and the champion brand in Colombia's new energy vehicle sales. We will offer a variety of models for sustainable mobility enthusiasts in Colombia, including BYD super hybrid models Song PLUS DM-i and Qin PLUS DM-i, e-platform 3.0 pure electric SUV BYD Yuan PLUS, marine aesthetics-inspired models BYD Seal and BYD Dolphin, and luxury pure electric sedan BYD Han EV. The brand-new BYD Tang EV was also launched for the first time at this exhibition. In addition, MOTORYSA is proud to partner with Banco Finandina to offer special incentives to consumers and jointly promote the development of local new energy vehicles."

The new BYD Tang EV leads the high-end pure electric SUV market with longer battery life, stronger power and higher configuration. This model has a range of 635km (CLTC) and 100 km acceleration in only 4.4 seconds. The equipped super intelligent electric four-wheel drive and the new DiSus-C intelligent electronically controlled active suspension make the driving control feel more flexible and can also reflect stronger adaptability when facing complex roads.

BYD Seagull also debuted in Colombia, where it will be officially launched in 2024. As a pure electric mini-car for urban travel, BYD Seagull has won the favor of local consumers by virtue of its advantages such as high face value, high performance, high safety and high cost performance. BYD Seagull is based on e-platform 3.0 and combined with marine aesthetic design elements. The battery life will be divided into two versions: 300km and 380km (NEDC condition), providing consumers with a safe and reliable car experience.

Since 2020, BYD has worked closely with MOTORYSA, a Colombia distributor, to provide a rich matrix of new energy products locally. This year, BYD won the cumulative sales champion of new energy vehicles from January to October in Colombia, leading the local electric wave. In the future, BYD will further accelerate the popularization of new energy in Colombia market and assist the development of green transportation in Colombia.