BYD Seagull's 200,000 cars went offline seven months after its launch.

BYD officially announced that 200,000 seagulls were officially off the line at BYD's Xi'an factory. Since its launch in April, the car has won the monthly sales champion of A00 class cars for six consecutive months and pure electric cars for three months in a row, and this sales volume is still growing. so far, 200000 cars have been offline in seven months.

In the A00 class car market, BYD Seagull, a seemingly humble car, is becoming the highest-selling all-electric model under BYD.

How on earth is this done? On the one hand, the price of BYD seagulls is lower than that of their own dolphins. Similarly, the price of seagulls is lower. The starting price of seagulls is only 10,084 USD. As a family car, whether it is buying food, picking up children, or commuting to and from the city, the cost of buying a car and the cost of using a car are relatively low.

On the other hand, BYD Seagull's product power, the new car is based on e-platform 3.0 technology. The use of pure electric body structure + blade battery, the whole system is equipped with standard 4 airbags, electronic vehicle stability system and other configurations, ensuring the safety of daily use.

In the past, there was a lot of criticism on the space design of the scooter, but the wheelbase of seagulls reached 2500mm, coupled with the rear flat floor design, the axle length ratio of the whole vehicle reached 66.1%, and the actual riding space was still very ample.

In addition, the seagull system is equipped with 10.1in adaptive rotary suspension Pad, built-in DiLink intelligent network connection system, support mobile phone APP remote control, can bring the same level of fuel vehicles can not enjoy the intelligent experience.

And Seagull offers two battery-lasting versions of CLTC 305km/405km, which match 30kW/40kW fast charging, and the charging time from 30% to 80% is 30 minutes.

Coupled with BYD's current huge market volume, BYD Seagull will continue to sell well.