ONE GWM brand strategy accelerates landing in South America

Recently, with "Welcome to a new era" as the theme, the GWM brand and Tank and ORA in the Chilean and Peruvian markets of Great Wall Automobile were unveiled in Chile, where smart new energy models such as Tank 300 and ORA Hotcat were unveiled. The landing of the ONE GWM brand strategy means that Great Wall will lead each model series with the GWM brand in the Chilean and Peruvian automobile markets, work together to achieve brand upward, and bring the development of Great Wall in Chile and Peru to a new level.

2023 is the 16th year that Great Wall Motor has been ploughed in Chile and Peru, with more than 180000 units in the market. From January to October 2023, the overall sales of the Chilean automobile market fell by 28%, but Great Wall Motor bucked the trend and ranked first in sales of Chinese car brands. The strength of sales comes from Great Wall's long-term insistence on categories and the continuous introduction of new products suitable for the local market.

Since the beginning of this year, Great Wall has launched Harvard H6 GT, Harvard JOLION HEV and Harvard H6 HEV in Chile and Peru, with a rich product line to meet the different needs of users and accelerate the layout in the field of new energy. The unveiling of the Tank and ORA brands is an expansion of Great Wall Motor in the high-end off-road market and intelligent new energy sector, as well as a perfect demonstration of Great Wall Motor's sea strength.

At the press conference, Chilean dealer brand manager Fernando said that the GWM brand will rely on Harvard, Great Wall pickup, ORA and Tank to provide local users with more choices to buy cars. In the future, GWM will show in the market with a unified brand image to consolidate the international brand status of Great Wall Motor.

Shi Qingke, vice president and head of overseas operations of Great Wall Automobile, sent a video blessing in China: "as said at the overseas investors' conference, Great Wall Automobile was born worldwide and serves the world." Overseas, GWM will provide a cleaner, smarter and safer driving experience for local users with its determination to deeply cultivate the local market and serve the local market. " At the same time, Yang Weiqi, president of Great Wall Motor Latin America, also said: "Latin America is the fifth largest automobile market in the world, relying on technology and product advantages in new energy and intelligent fields. Great Wall provides a variety of choices for local users with a variety of product combinations, such as pure electricity, hybrid, fuel and so on."

The new launch of the GWM brand in Chile and Peru is a reflection of the deepening layout of Great Wall's intelligent new energy products in Latin America. Great Wall Motor will continue to strengthen its long-term strategy and implement its long-term commitment to the Chilean and Peruvian markets to bring safe, smart, clean, high-quality automotive products and quality service to local users.