Chery sales exceeded 210,000 vehicles in November

In November, 212076 cars were sold, an increase of 111% over the same period last year, breaking through 200000 + for the second time in a row, setting another record high in a single month. Since the beginning of this year, Chery Group's sales have "risen in a row", with a total of 1665626 cars sold from January to November, an increase of 47.8 percent over the same period last year.

The growth of the three major brands

Specifically, the sales performance of Chery's four major brands:

The first is Chery, which sold 147916 vehicles in November, up 109 per cent year-on-year. Ting sold 1197650 vehicles from January to November, up 41.9 per cent from a year earlier. As the main sales force of Chery Group, Chery accounts for nearly 70%, of which Ruihu 7 and Ruihu sold more than 20, 000 units in August, reaching 25924 and 24932 units. The sales of Arize 8, Ruihu 5x and Ruihu 3x also exceeded 10,000.

This was followed by the JETOUR brand, which sold 41027 vehicles in November, up 139.7% from January to November, up 72.8% from January to November. The sales volume of JETOUR Dasheng has reached 11211 units, and what is surprising is that JETOUR travelers have achieved monthly sales of more than 10,000 units after only three months on the market, with sales reaching 10817 units, which is indeed very surprising. It is reported that the order volume of this model is close to 50, 000 units, and it is believed that higher sales will be brought after the release of production capacity.

Finally, there is the Xingtu brand. November sales were 15296, up 173.3% from January to November, up 129.5% from January to November. The growth rate has doubled. As a high-end model of Chery, it has been constantly updated this year, and the first pure electric model, Xingtu New era ES, has started pre-sale.

Chery New Energy is making efforts.

In the field of fuel vehicles, Chery has "blossomed" by virtue of solid technical strength, and is also going hand in hand in the field of new energy.

Chery brand and JETOUR brand released their new new energy series-Chery Fulwin series and JETOUR Shanhai series respectively in November, and a total of 19 new hybrid products are planned to be launched within two years as planned.

Among them, Chery Fulwin series of the first production models Fulwin A8 and A8 Pro, has completed its debut in Guangzhou Auto Show, JETOUR Shanhai series of the first production model JETOUR Shanhai L9 has been listed, Xingtu here, based on Chery high-end intelligent E0X electric platform to build Xingtuxing era ES, has also started pre-sale, the whole line of standard air suspension + CDC, zero hundred acceleration 3.7s, up to 900km + endurance, product power is worth looking forward to.

And the LUXEED S7, the first joint model between Chery and Huawei, went on sale at the end of November and received more than 20, 000 pre-sale orders in 20 days.

In terms of current sales, as a domestic model, Chery has become the second largest domestic car company after BYD. With the continuous development of new energy, Chery's sales will further rise, according to this trend, today's sales will reach more than 1.8 million, a record high.