Pure electric sports sedan BYD Seal is officially listed in Mexico.

BYD Seal is officially launched in Mexico, which is the second marine aesthetic model launched by BYD since the dolphin went on sale in September. The seal shows its sports genes with its low body posture, which is the re-evolution of BYD's "marine aesthetics". BYD Seal has launched two versions in Mexico, with the rear-wheel drive version priced at 778800 pesos (43,859 USD) and the four-wheel drive version priced at 888800 pesos (50,007 USD). Nearly 200 local media friends witnessed this wonderful moment.

At the press conference, Li Ke, executive vice president of BYD Co., Ltd. and president of BYD Americas, said: "in November this year, BYD set a new record in production and sales, becoming the first car company in the world to reach 6 million new energy vehicles off the line. From "5 million" to "6 million", BYD only took more than three months. Drawing on the design essence of the Ocean X concept car, BYD Seal is a dynamic pure electric sedan. In addition, the seal is also the world's first production car equipped with CTB battery body integration technology, making new breakthroughs in safety, handling and efficiency. The seal model launched this time has won the Euro NCAP five-star safety rating, reflecting BYD's unremitting pursuit of high quality and high safety. "

The VTOL external discharge of the seal is also used to power the coffee machine at the event, allowing guests to experience a different coffee-making process. After the press conference, the media friends and guests present experienced the excellent performance of BYD Seal.

Alexandra Mohnhaupt, the Formula 4 NACAM driver, shared the experience of test driving the seal: "as a race car driver, I enjoy the extreme sense of speed. The seal's zero-hundred acceleration of 3.8s is amazing."

Since BYD officially entered the Mexican passenger car market in March this year, it has launched a number of new energy models, such as the dynasty series of BYD Han, Tang, Yuan and the ocean series of BYD dolphins and BYD seals. BYD will continue to create a rich matrix of new energy products to promote the green and sustainable development of local transportation.