Huawei Chery jointly plays LUXEED S7 with a price of 34,131 USD.

LUXEED S7, the first car model of Huawei Smart car, is officially on the market, with a price of 34131-47794 USD yuan.

The car is a joint product of Huawei and Chery, using a new design concept, equipped with Huawei Hongmeng intelligent cockpit and Huawei smart driving system, with a maximum acceleration of 3.3 seconds.

On the whole, the new car mainly has two bright spots.

One is the appearance design.

The design of the car is completely different from the previous AITO series, with a sedan body design, the closed front face is connected with through-type headlights on both sides, and the C-shaped headlight group is somewhat similar to the AITO M9, which is very recognizable when lit. In the rear part, the through-type LED taillight group, the duck tail spoiler and the bright black rear enclosure assembly together increase the visual hierarchy of the rear part.

Personally, I think the side design of the car body is more bearable, the double-color body design, the blackened roof, wheels and rearview mirror add a bit of movement, the front is low and the rear is high, plus the high-equipped red caliper design and forged wheels, basically the sports atmosphere is full.

In addition to the large-size central control screen, there are also two differences in the design of the car. One is that unlike the common round or flat-bottomed steering wheel, the new car uses an oval steering wheel, and colleagues have indicated that it is easier to use in the previous test drive. second, a pure flat platform is designed on the co-driver's center console, which can be used to place some small items after opening, and the computer can be used to work when the car is closed (when the vehicle is still).

In terms of body size, the car is 4971/1963/1474mm in length, width and height, and its wheelbase is 2950mm, which is basically similar to that of Biadihan.

Another bright spot of the new car is Huawei's blessing.

As for the car plane, it is equipped with Huawei's latest Hongmeng 4 car system, and the ecological linkage can be further upgraded, which can use the handle to play racing games on the car plane screen, and can also display the aerial pictures of the UAV on the car plane screen. Smarter.

And the new car is equipped with lidar and ADS 2.0 Huawei high-order intelligent driving assistance system, which can achieve high-level driving assistance functions without relying on high-precision maps, including the recently outflow valet parking function.

Finally, in terms of power, the "luxury" of the new car is still very high. Equipped with Huawei's brand-new "Giant Whale" 800V high-voltage platform, it provides rear-drive and four-wheel-drive models, of which the maximum power of the single-motor version is 215kW, the maximum power of the front and rear motor of the four-wheel drive version is 150kW/215kW, the 100km acceleration is 3.3s, and the highest CLTC integrated range reaches 855km.

In terms of energy replenishment, in the case of Huawei overcharging, the car can be recharged for 5 minutes for 200+km and 15 minutes for 400+km.

On the whole, the comprehensive strength of the new car is still very strong, whether it is good-looking design or space, intelligent, are in the first echelon, coupled with Huawei's strong sales channels, it is expected that there will be good sales after listing. Tianya Jun also decided the car for the first time, followed Tianya Jun, and looked forward to the evaluation performance after delivery.