The price of Xingrui L Smart engine starts from 17312 USD.

Geely Xingrui L Smart engine is officially on the market, with a price of 17,312 USD to 20,044 USD. the biggest change of the car is that it is equipped with a 1.5 fuel mixing system, the fuel consumption is reduced to 4.22L/100km, and the appearance and interior are adjusted.

The first is the fine-tuning of the appearance. The Xingrui L Smart engine reduces the number of vertical grilles and uses a new silver-gray logo, and the decorative strips that surround both sides are more visually aggressive.

A bigger change is the interior, which is replaced with the same 13.2-inch vertical layout suspension center control screen as the Galaxy series.

Equipped with a four-frame flat-bottomed steering wheel, the new car also uses a shift mechanism, and a 50W mobile phone wireless charging panel is added at the bottom of the central control screen, the overall style design is more like a new energy model.

Of course, the core of the new car is the use of 1.5TT gas-electric hybrid system, matching the third gear DHT hybrid special gearbox. Among them, the maximum power of 1.5T engine is 120KW, the maximum torque is 255N ·m, the maximum power of front single motor is 320N ·m, zero acceleration is 7.5s, and the comprehensive fuel consumption under WLTC condition is 4.22L.

Geely Xingrui's sales have been very good before, the only slot point is that the fuel consumption is too high, now replaced by 1.5T fuel mix, to a large extent to solve the problem of fuel consumption, but it should be noted that this version of the model is nearly 20, more expensive than the fuel version, and consumers will be more expensive to buy cars.