After one month on the market, the official price of Ji Yue 01 dropped by 30,000.

In addition, the more the official has picked up the car for regular users, the more it will give 30, cash compensation according to the price difference of the latest model.

It seems that this wave of official price cuts is full of sincerity, and compensation has been given to the old car owners, but in fact, Ji Yue 01 was only listed on October 27, and so far, just a month later, this wave of "cutting leeks" has come too fast.

In fact, Ji Yue 01, as a medium and large SUV jointly developed by Geely and Baidu, has been criticized from its listing. The core reason is that Baidu Smart Drive, the official said that "the more the world's only two-volume production of pure vision high-level intelligent driving technology solutions," with covering high-speed, urban, parking and other scenarios "multi-domain integration" of high-level intelligent driving capabilities, can achieve point-to-point navigation assistance PPA (Point to Point Autopilot).

But so far, for this kind of pure visual high-level driving assistance function similar to overseas Tesla, the official does not have any actual demonstration or "folk video", and it is more like building a car in PPT, which makes Tianya Jun think of the recently listed LUXEED S7, which directly "driverless" to the scene and end at the press conference, which is really a great irony.

More importantly, the smart driving system, as the core selling point, actually needs 6,818 USD to buy on Ji Yue 01 (now adjusted to 2,719 USD), while the next-door Huawei AITO buyout is only 2,46 USD, and Xpeng is given away.

I just want to ask, why is Ji Yue 01?

In other words, Ji Yue 01 as a medium and large SUV, before the price reduction, the starting price reached 249900, close to 250000, while the same class of Zhiji LS6, Xpeng G6 and other models are no more than 200000, is it because it is made by Geely, or because of the high price, Baidu smart cars, which do not know the actual performance, have to pay so much premium?

Contemporary consumers are not stupid, 250000 cars, no 800V high voltage, no smart car (bought separately), iron carp phosphate battery, 550km battery, who will buy?

Now I still want to use consumers as leeks. It's too late to lower myself by 30,000.